How to socialise your puppy.

Teach your dog to love the world around it.

One of the key stages of a puppy’s life is between 5 and 14 weeks, this is one of the most important times to socialise your puppy with other dogs/people/noises/and objects, to ensure your puppy is a well-balanced and friendly animal for the rest of its life with you.

Don’t set your dog up to fail.

In a nut shell, you should not overwhelm your puppy with new experiences. To put that into human context just for a moment, would you take a new born baby, for the first time, in to a busy garage or factory, and expect the baby not to get upset, hopefully you would not, as we should know it will overwhelm your baby, the advantage we have with babies is that we can explain later once the child has become older and understands how to communicate better with us. We do not have this advantage with a dog, and more importantly a fearful dog is one of the hardest to turn around and re-train, as once a dog has locked down a fear, within the key stages of 5 and 14 weeks your puppy will not want to re-visit that moment of fear anxiety again.


121 Puppy training can help

Instead increase your puppy’s exposure slowly to an object that you feel may scare him/her in the now, and later life. This is called de-sensitization for instants a stranger wearing a hat /the postman/traffic or other dogs could be too much in your puppy’s life to handle in such a brief encounter. So, Introductions with your puppy, to an object, item, or being, should be done slowly and in a relaxed manner, while keeping your dog in a relaxed state and rewarding your dog for being relaxed while around the nasty noises/people/dogs/objects and so on. Do consider the amount of exposure, timing/distance as all are very important, you could be having the reverse effect on your dog, instead of rewarding your dog for coping you could in fact be rewarding your dog for nervous anxious behaviour.

If you are worried or unsure about how much exposure to give your dog, and at what distance or when to treat. Contact Paul Andre, he can set up a 121-puppy training package, personalized to you and your puppy’s surroundings.