Travelling with your dog

Travelling with your dog can be a stressful time for you both, weather you are moving to a new country or just going away on holiday, have you ever considered how your dog feels about this, have they been exposed to  air craft noises have they been up  a metal flight of stairs, have they been placed into a crate which are needed for transit to and from the plane/helicopter even if you think your dog is coping, it has been Scientifically proven by Agnes Vælidalo in a project called Pulse a dog can covert there emotions even to their owner.

There are a lot of practices we can carry out to lower your dogs stress levels or even make him/her enjoy the experiences.

Pet Passport

If you travel abroad and don't want your dog to be Quarantined up to 4 months on your return, having a pet passport is the way forward.

You can apply for a pet passport via your vets, to obtain a pet passport your dog will require:

  • Micro chipping (now UK law)
  • Vaccinated against rabies
  • A blood test 30 days after vaccination to ensure it has worked

The Passport becomes valid six months after the successful blood test result.


Please use this link for further details  and undated information 


Travelling Abroad Conciderations

Within the United Kingdom the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows you to take your dog abroad,here are some Important things to consider:

  • Travelling can be stressful, is your dog healthy enough to cope?
  • If you are heading for a hot country, will your dog be able to cope with the heat
  • There is potential for your dog to pick up fatal diseases not found in UK (Leishmaniasis is one, caused by Sand fly bites)


Please use this link for further details  and undated information 



Requirements on returning to UK with a Pet Passport

One or two days before returning to the UK:

  • you must treat your dog for Parasites(lias with a vet on arrival for worm and Tic treatment and to check the function of your dogs Micro chip)
  • Ensure you have appropriate documentation for passport control, life will become very dull for you and your dog if your administration is not in order

Helpful ideas with what to take for your dog when Travelling Abroad

When travelling abroad it is best to put all your dogs items into a separate bag, this will save all the frustrations of trying to find a item or piece of information which you may need promptly.

  • Spare Collar with leash (try not to use a clip on collar as once a prong is broken, it renders the collar useless)
  • have a Pet ID disc made with your holiday (Address abroad) contact details
  • also never put your dogs name on the Tag as this can aid a thief in his /her pursuit to take your dog
  • take food which your dog normally eats, also check the availability of that brand in the country in which you are flying/travelling to, at least you have a small about of your dogs favorite foods, in which you can blend into another similar food while you are abroad, this will help if your dog has a sensitive stomach
  • Only give a small amount of food if any, on the day of travel, and feed lightly when you reach your destination, until your dog returns to their normal composure 
  • always have a bowl and fresh water with you for your dog, collapsible dog bowls and a Gym water bottle are perfect and easy to find (buy)
  • a first aid kit, this may sound extreme, but theses are a must for your dog in new surroundings,and a great place to keep your dogs medication if required  
  • Pooh bags, one minute you have one in every pocket at home, next not a bag in sight
  • Torch 
  • Swimming towel (like a fabric chamois) light, useful, and easy to pack
  • Make sure you have a address for a Vet,to where you are going, and have it written down so it can be shown to a local or Taxi driver