1 2 1 Dog Training, Prices, Procedure & Benefits

Price and Procedure & Benefits


Benefits of the one to one Training:

more time to learn
comfort of your own home or area
relax environment makes easier learning
channeled/targeted lessons tailored at your puppy or dog
higher success rate due to the personal touch
less individual travel
less money spent overall.


Owner completes Dog/puppy behaviour questionnaire

Assessment consultation, duration 80 mins, price £60


A session Price from £45 hour. Concessions are given via recommendations. Either from Ziggy's pet store or from previous clients.

on completion of the one 2 one lessons a plan of action, will be drawn up (nothing we have not discussed) which will assist you to achieve your end result.


Dog training is at the speed of you and your dog, no one team is the same. What Paul will do is work with you both to achieve results that make both you and your dog content and happy with a productive relationship that works.

With a life time of experience Paul can show you how to care for your dog so he/she is comfortable in this ever changing world.

with a holistic approach, you can be taught a whole new approach to how you see and  feel about your Furry friend, training should not be long, painful or boring, in fact it is the opposite of all these, your dog isn't stupid, it has its own breed specific intelligence, as Albert Einstein  said:Everybody is a Genius. But If You Judge a Fish by Its Ability to Climb a Tree, It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing that It is Stupid.

not being a strong believer in a set training style due to each dog being different. Paul has dedicated his life studies on all variations and styles-from B.A.T (behaviour alteration training),clicker training, Positive re-enforcement as each individual dog has a certain in print(i.e. the way it was raised and the outside world to which it has been exposed to)

Paul will talk you out of prong collars/Electric collars/slip leads and any other type of negative re-enforcer's, and show you the nicest kindest way to communicate with your dog.

You must always think...what could I have done to prevent that from happening.

My dog only understands pigeon human-until I can fill him/her up with more words that he/she understands can I  progress further, otherwise I am just stressing/upsetting my pet.

If I was asked to be a Dog for a day......could I do it?The answer is No, Then why do I treat my dog like a human.


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