Common Training and Behaviour Problems

As a dog owner you probably hoped to avoid or even believe you have no training or behaviour problems, below is a list of where things can go wrong:

Training Problems:

  • The lack of training
  • type of training (Positive or Negative)
  • consistency in commands
  • not being able to understand Canine body language (the way your dog is communicating to you)
  • over exuberant expectations of your dog and its ability to learn human behaviour and etiquette
  • Assuming (your dog knows)
  • Over working the dog during training(can create a failing end result)

Are you so sure you're training correctly now?


Behaviours Problems:

Aggression Separation anxiety Biting Jumping up(on you/children/furniture) Chasing(cats/cars/bicycles/people) Begging Chewing(Destructively) Digging Inappropriate elimination You maybe able to identify with some of these problems on this list, and yet still happy to carry on living with them, but why should you?