Bad foods

Feeding Precautions


Many Thousands of years ago Mother Nature was our mega-store for food. No money was required, just you a fishing rod/spear, a couple of Chums and maybe your domesticated, naturally selected, mix breed mutt. So if you chose to feed from the table or give your dog scraps what harm could be done? Nothing! and at the time, I would be all for the idea.

Now in today's world, Mother Nature has been replaced by a concrete building with swanky lights and aisles. The food is laced with salts, chemical preservatives and filled with E numbers; A cocktail of chemicals to keep our foods looking aesthetically pleasing and edible. Even fresh veg is covered in pesticides! We humans are now seeing the adverse effects of consuming so many sugars, salts and fats. We ourselves are now slowly returning to organic or a grow-your-own style of eating. However we tend not give our dogs the same healthy alternatives that we have.

Our dogs are still undeniably carnivorous biased, thousands of years behind in there Gastric Anatomy. They Chomp their food not grind it and favour eating larger meals less frequently. They have powerful stomach juices for breaking down specific proteins from their meat feast (no not the pizza) and just like us, their bodies are not suited to the nature of food we offer both ourselves and our dogs these days.

So please, while we wise up and alter our approach to our own bodies needs. Think about your dogs needs. What do they need? What don't they need? 

here are a few things you should certainly avoid giving your canine Friend!


Processed foods/Residual fats.......................Apple(with seeds)/Apricot/Avocado/Baby Food/Cooked Bones/Bread Dough/ Caffeine/Broccoli/Sugary sweets/Cat Food/Cherries/Chocolate/Corn Cobs/Dairy Products/Eggs (Raw)/Grapes or Raisins/Hops/Macadamia Nuts/Mouldy or Spoiled Foods/Mushrooms/Nutmeg/Nuts/Onions/Peaches/Pears/Plants/Plums/Play Dough/Potatoes/Rich & fatty foods/Rhubarb/Salmon (Raw)/Table Scraps/Tomatoes and Tomato Plants/Water: Stagnant water in ponds, bogs, small lakes, canals, seasonal creeks and other places where water sets contain harmful bacteria.